OpenOffice Letter to Parents


Dear Grade 5 Parents,

We are getting ready to start our first research assignment for our unit Guns for Gold. Your student will need access to a computer and the internet (when possible) at home. They will be working at school on their assignment, but will also need to work on it as a homework assignment. They will be given 1 USB (flash drive) from the school to help them shuttle between the various computers they will be using.

In order to avoid computer platform chaos (i.e. Mac-PC-Ubuntu incompatibilities), we have decided to use OpenOffice as the primary platform for our assignments. It (for the most part) runs on all computer systems with the least issues. The grade 5 team kindly requests that you download OpenOffice onto your home computers. The link to do so is:

OpenOffice is a free open-source application.

We are sure you will understand the heartache and grief that your student might endure should their work be lost do to computer platform malfunctions or incompatibilities. As well, your teacher thanks you heartily in advance, as the headache involved in trying to get various children’s saved work to function properly between the systems has proved to be rather stressful. Thank you for your understanding.
Please direct further inquiries to Mr. McKillip in the ICT department or your classroom teacher.

All the best,

The Grade 5 team