5K’s Guns for Gold Murals


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The Aztecs by Morris

The Aztecs by Morris is amazing. It is very big and it truly shows the role of the Aztecs in their society. The blue sun is an Aztec God of the heavens. The serpent man in the middle is another Aztec God.Morris has some very nice pieces of art that shows the aztec live still.

Pizarro’s Conquest of the Incas by Albin
Albin’s piece of art was amazing! it truly showed Pizarro in his conquest and it was very detailed and colorful! as usual Albin is an artist and talented.  Albins mural was amazing and when i looked at it i thought it was a real artist who drew it.

The Aztecs by Khadija
Khadija’s mural was extremely detailed describing the aztecs history and culture. It also showed lots of patients and hard work.  If you look closely you can see the dedication.

It  explained lots about the Aztec religion and how it works. We also liked the drawings because they were well organized and really real.

[The above message was written by 5K students in a group blogging activity]