Grade 5 – Looking Back


This year has been a big journey for all of us. We faced more changes and tried new things. It was like a roller coaster full of turns and twists, and we’ve had some of the best memories.

We’ve also had some of the most interesting units like Final Frontier, I Believe You Believe, Guns for Gold, Circle of Life, Final exhibition and Struggle to Share. We learned about conflicts between animals and humans, space, famous explorers and different religions and beliefs and so much more!

Grade five was a lot of fun; you always have something to look forward to. Lots of field trips to different places, including Mikumi! We also made new friends from the Maharaka School, which also shows our empathy.

We all worked as a team throughout the year, and we know that the next three weeks are going to be fun and exciting!

We’ve have had a great year so far, with lots of fabulously fun units!

Grade five is the end of part of our education but the beginning of more wonderful learning experiences to enjoy.

Meera, Tyra and Samana
IST Grade 5 – Mrs. Surtees’ Class


You’re Invited – IST Grade 5 Exhibition!


We are soooooo excited and hope that you are too! The count down has started and we hope to see you there! – IST Grade 5

Frantic for the Fabulous Final Exhibition! – Grade 5S


In grade 5S we are hard at work completing the last minute preparations for our PYP Final Exhibition. There are 5 groups in our class, each having chosen a topic relating to humans and the struggle to share the planet with living things. We started to look into this when we went out our class trip to Mikumi in November 2009 for a week. We identified the problems the villagers encounter sharing the land around the game parks with the wildlife. It certainly is a struggle to share and we discovered that there are no easy solutions to the problem. The topics we are focusing on for the final exhibition in 5S are as follows:

  • Threatened Dolphins
  • Rhino Poaching
  • Deforestation
  • Dynamite Fishing
  • The Endangered Riverine Rabbit and Ethiopian Wolf

We have spent a lot of time researching our topics and working on ideas for presenting them during the 2 day exhibition. Presentations can be anything from PowerPoints, skits, posters, quizzes, songs, raps, puppet shows, debate, costumes, game show… this list is endless. We then worked on our “Action” plans. These show how we can actually make a difference. Some forms of “Action” are to organise bake and book sales, petitions, community service, posters, making and selling t-shirts and raising and donating money to reputable organisations who are can help our causes. We were all lucky enough to be able to interview at least one “expert” from outside of school in our individual group topics. This was so interesting and we found it was a useful tool to gather more relevant information. All of our plans and information are allocated on our section of the PYP board in our classroom – this makes it easier for us to see what we have to do next.