Buguruni Community Service


All students in grade 5 are expected to take part in a community service activity each year and there are many to choose from! Some students have taken part in the Buguruni Exchange afternoon activity and this involves visiting Buguruni School for the Deaf, learning some sign language, communicating with new friends and inviting our friends from Buguruni to IST for games and art and craft work.

 Maybe you would like to consider taking part in this activity in semester two…check out our slideshow below and see what we do!

Here are some thoughts from Carla and Pietro about the Buguruni activity.

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Grade 5 Report on World Maths Day


World Maths Day is one of those days at school which breeds excitement. It is not only very interesting and extremely challenging, but is requires lots of practice to get better at mental maths. Competing against other students from all around the world isn’t easy. Speed and accuracy make all the difference – one mistake and your competitors will leap ahead. There is a lot of tension and pressure to get the answers right. We can’t believe what a huge event it is and how many people take part. We really hope we can do it again next year coz it’s too much fun and at the same time we are improving our mental maths.

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“Yeah for World Maths Day!”

submitted by Shriya and Mateo – Grade 5S

Grade 5 – Looking Back


This year has been a big journey for all of us. We faced more changes and tried new things. It was like a roller coaster full of turns and twists, and we’ve had some of the best memories.

We’ve also had some of the most interesting units like Final Frontier, I Believe You Believe, Guns for Gold, Circle of Life, Final exhibition and Struggle to Share. We learned about conflicts between animals and humans, space, famous explorers and different religions and beliefs and so much more!

Grade five was a lot of fun; you always have something to look forward to. Lots of field trips to different places, including Mikumi! We also made new friends from the Maharaka School, which also shows our empathy.

We all worked as a team throughout the year, and we know that the next three weeks are going to be fun and exciting!

We’ve have had a great year so far, with lots of fabulously fun units!

Grade five is the end of part of our education but the beginning of more wonderful learning experiences to enjoy.

Meera, Tyra and Samana
IST Grade 5 – Mrs. Surtees’ Class