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Grade 5 Graduation Photos


On Friday May 31, 2013 the IST Grade 5 students were recognized for their hard work and dedication for their time at IST Elementary.  The ceremony was a wonderful event thanks to the teachers, staff, parents and indeed the students themselves.

Below is a link to some photos of the event on the IST Flicker site.  Simply click on the link and you will be taken to the photo set for the Grade 5 Graduation Ceremony.



Just a Sample to Spark Your Interest!

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Parent Workshop: Cyber Bullying


cyber bullyingThe IST Elementary ICT and Counseling Departments invite you to learn more about Cyber Bullying – Parent Workshop, 28th January.

Follow this link to the Counselors’ Blog for more information.



As part of the unit “Final Frontier” students were examining the principles of gravity, force and motion in space and on earth.  During an extension activity students were able to learn and apply computer assisted design, using “Google Sketch Up” to design their own fair ground rides.  They then utilized a screen shot techniques to embed selected pictures of their design in Word.  Using this format the students were able to discuss their work, the forces incorporated and the successes and challenges they encountered when designing their ride.

Below is a sample of one design:



Word Work File L_1

Grade 5 Report on World Maths Day


World Maths Day is one of those days at school which breeds excitement. It is not only very interesting and extremely challenging, but is requires lots of practice to get better at mental maths. Competing against other students from all around the world isn’t easy. Speed and accuracy make all the difference – one mistake and your competitors will leap ahead. There is a lot of tension and pressure to get the answers right. We can’t believe what a huge event it is and how many people take part. We really hope we can do it again next year coz it’s too much fun and at the same time we are improving our mental maths.

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“Yeah for World Maths Day!”

submitted by Shriya and Mateo – Grade 5S

World Maths Day 2012


World Maths Day is the world’s largest education event where students (aged 4-18) compete in real time against other students from around the world playing mental arithmetic games on the World Maths Day website. World Maths Day encourages students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have a go at maths in a fun, interactive and accessible way. Best of all participation in World Maths Day is free – all you need is Internet access –

World Maths Day is a part of the World Education Games. These games provide an opportunity for our students to practice Spelling, Maths and even Science.

The dates of competition are:
World Spelling Day – 6 March 2012
World Maths Day – 7 March 2012
World Science Day – 8 March 2012

Last year we had a fantastic turn out for World Maths Day 2011. We will again focus on World Maths Day but this time as an all school event. This year we have added World Spelling Day as an option. Mrs. McKillip has already started practicing with Team Twiga, her after school activity group.

Past World Maths Day Information from our IST Elementary Blogs:
IST Grade 5 – World Maths Day Student Reflection 2011
IST Grade 2 – Grade 2 Celebrates World Maths Day
IST Grade 2 – World Maths Day Information 2010

Students have been given unique username and password information (allowing students access to World Maths, Spelling and Science). Students have started practicing for World Maths Day at school and they are encouraged to also practice at home (if Internet is available). Practice games are now available (for Maths, Spelling and Science) and can be played until the events take place.

The World Maths Day competition starts Tuesday March 6 at 2.00pm (GMT+3) running 48 hours (time for March 7th to start and finish all around the world). On March 7th, in addition to Math activities in the classroom and in the ICT labs, IST parents have volunteered fun Math activities for students during break times. As a community we hope to make March 7th a true World Maths Day experience for all.

You are invited to join Mr. McKillip in the IST Elementary Open Lab, Tuesday, February 28 at 8.00am for a hands-on introduction to World Maths Day and other World Education Games. You will have the opportunity to play these games, competing against other adults and teachers to support student learning.

Digital Citizenship Parent Workshop