Buguruni Community Service


All students in grade 5 are expected to take part in a community service activity each year and there are many to choose from! Some students have taken part in the Buguruni Exchange afternoon activity and this involves visiting Buguruni School for the Deaf, learning some sign language, communicating with new friends and inviting our friends from Buguruni to IST for games and art and craft work.

 Maybe you would like to consider taking part in this activity in semester two…check out our slideshow below and see what we do!

Here are some thoughts from Carla and Pietro about the Buguruni activity.

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IST Gives


IST gives

Grade 5 Assembly


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Grade 5 Assembly: By Danni, Max, Koby and Emma.

In our Struggle to Share Unit of Inquiry, we explored how animals and humans struggle to share natural resources such as food, water, and land. In our assembly we talked about the Nartional Parks of Mikumi and Udzungwa and the problems they have with the animals living so close to humans. Some examples are road kills, villagers who are deprived of crops because the animals eat them, trees being cut down for charcoal, lack of efficient water supplies, not enough natural habitat around Udzungwa and poachers killing animals for their ivory, skins and meat.

We’ve written letters to the Ministry of Land with our suggestions to help villagers, animals and other living things live in harmony around Mikumi, and Udzungwa. Some of our ideas were:

  • To stop poachers entering the park and there could be check points on the main road.
  • Educate villagers how important the wild life in the park is and how it can bring them money through tourism- create more jobs for Tanzanians.
  • Tell the government to donate some money for strong fences to protect the villager’s crops.
  • Keep track of who’s entering the National Parks and help stop poaching.
  • More speed bumps/check speeds of cars to prevent road kills.

We even made movies to tell the school about this entire thing that happened and as well as the experiences we had in Mikumi and Udzungwa.

Miss Shonas class did some graph work which explained what sort of things people either packed or enjoyed doing at Mikumi. Did you know that some children ate 14 sausages whilst they were in Mikumi???

Mr. Ian’s class performed skits on how the Mikumi village children’s lives were very different from ours. The skits were great and really demonstrated how lucky we are. We loved the school bus they made.

Mrs. Anne’s class performed a folktale by M and then he read it. It was very cool and we all loved it. The class are going to translate their folk tale stories into English so that the Grade 4’s can take the books to Mikumi next year. We think that this is a very good idea!

Why Elephants Have Big Ears.

On the African savanna there was a giraffe eating happily. One day an elephant came along. He was a bully and he had small ears!

One day he annoyed the giraffe and the elephant liked doing this so he did it every day. One day the giraffe got very annoyed and shouted, “leave me alone!”
The giraffe pulled the elephants ears and said, ”Don’t annoy me anymore!”

But the elephant said, “No!”

The giraffe called another giraffe to pull the elephants other ear.

A couple of minutes later the elephant was in so much pain that finally he said, “OK I will be nice to everybody from today.

The giraffe stopped pulling the elephant’s ears but when the giraffe stopped pulling the elephants ears the elephant had big ears!

From that day the elephant has big ears!!

Mikumi Song for the Assembly

In Mikumi,
Mighty Mikumi
The lions hunt at night.
In Mikumi
Magic Mikumi
The impala run in fright.

In Udzungwa,
Amazing Udzungwa
The colobus monkeys play
In Udzungwa
Awesome Udzungwa
Grade 5 hikes all day!!!!

Hiking was tiring
So very tiring
But we made it to the top.
It was splendid
That we all made it
So we decided to bop!

We went to visit                        When it’s your turn
A village school                        You’ll love Mikumi
Buckets of water we filled                It’s such a fabulous trip
A game of footie                        You can’t help love
We tried out best                        Marvellous Mikumi
But drastically lost 2 – nil!!!                It’ll make you do a back flip!

Helicopter Raffle Tickets Tomorrow!


Just a quick reminder…

WhirlWind Aviation Helicopter Ride raffle tickets also on sale tomorrow (Monday, 7 May)!

Win a ride of a lifetime and raise money for 4 disabled children at CCBRT.

Thanks for your support!
Waldo, Lauren, Nazri, Shriya and Miss Emma

Mama Maasai Products For Sale At Break


Mama Maasai products will be on sale tomorrow (Monday 7 May) at first break outside the staffroom and in the Grade 5 Quad….super little gifts for purchase…brought to you by a group of girls studying Maasai Women for their Final X!

Remember to bring some cash to support this great project!

Anne McAra,
IST Grade 5 Teacher

'Maasai Women Head Home' image from www.insideafricanart.com

A Letter From Santa


Santa needs your kindness

Dear Girls and Boys,

Here at IST it’s that time of the year to show that you have a big heart and do care!

So look ‘round the house and find a gently used toy. Write on it the age and whether for a boy or a girl.

You can also bring in a gently used picture book. Just don’t forget to tell your parents which one you took!

Wrap it up nicely, perhaps a ribbon on top. And bring it to our own little Santa’s Helpers Shop.

From December 5 to December 15 we’ll collect every toy and take them to an orphanage to bring some joy.

For that one toy your bring from your enormous pile, is sure to make at least one child smile!

Santa’s Helpers Shops this year:

EC-KG Quad: Ms. Kate Gunn
G1-G2 Quad: Ms. Callie Lane
G3-G4-G5 Quad: Ms. Robin LeRosen

Please be reminded that we are collecting gently used toys. No child enjoys playing with toys /books that are broken or have parts missing.

Christy Heitmiller,
IST Elementary Community Service Coordinator