Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Visits IST

The Honourable Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Khamis Kagasheki visited students in Grade 5 on Wednesday, 5 December as part of their unit of inquiry titled the “Struggle to Share”. The Minister highlighted the importance of all stakeholders participating in setting laws and regulations to protect natural resources in addition to the important role played by the international community in reducing the demand for limited natural resources such as ivory.

“I am honoured to be here today for this delightful opportunity to meet and hear from future leaders and global activist about the struggle to share limited resources,” said the Minister.

The students in Ms. Laelia Surtees’ class have been looking at the relationships within and between living things (humans, animals, plants, etc.) to share resources such as land, food, and water.

During the course of the unit, the students visited Mikumi and Udzungwa National Parks as well as villages and local communities near Mikumi town. Subsequently, the class invited the Minister to attend their presentation on what they have learned.

“It was an extremely valuable learning experience for our students who now felt that they should take ‘action’ by writing down their suggestions for a better way for humans and animals to coexist,” said Ms. Surtees.

The Minister closed with thanks to the students for being “[champions] of Tanzania’s people, animals and lands”.

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One Response to Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Visits IST

  1. Heather Boyd says:

    Well done Grade 5, you have made a real difference by getting the minister to visit your class. It shows he read your letters and listened to what you had to say. Lets hope he follows up some of your ideas. If everyone acts like you it would make a great difference for the animals of the world. Well done!
    Emmas Nan in Australia.

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