Welcome to IST’s Grade 5 Information Site

Welcome to the International School of Tanganyika’s Grade 5 Team Website. Here you will find what’s happening in Grade 5 classrooms, student work and much more. Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message with your ideas, links and good thoughts. Asante!


41 Responses to Welcome to IST’s Grade 5 Information Site

  1. weirdos from another planet says:

    just use the hubble telescope to take better pictures of this land mass

    • Tyler says:

      I thought that the slide show was very interesting and i thought the whole C.R.A.P thing was funny but also helpful

  2. Omar says:

    hello 5th grade of tanzania our class in the uk are learnign about east africa.Your country is in the east of Africa so can you come to our blog and give us some tips.Here is our class blog remember to click the top to see our post.http://ferrylane.creativeblogs.net/

    • Chrissie says:

      The islands of Tanzania include Grave Island, an island almost built for a horror film, beep brown crisp leaves covering every place you step. (this is all true) It’s amazing seeing the graves and maybe you studied about a man which was bravely buried on a island and it’s about 3/4 hours off the coast of Zanzibar by boat.


  3. Hello we are from ferry lane primary school we like your blog and you are so lucky to hame a pool in your school. Guess what we are learing about EastAfrica if you know lot of stuff please tell us and I am from WestAfrica.

    • Chrissie says:

      East africa has many little islands which includes, grave island, bongoyo, imbuja, Zanzibar and many more and massai i bet could jump as high as half their own hight.

    • Tiemo and aditya and aliasghar says:

      Hello we are from IST. yes we have a swimming pool, a massive football field, a libary, more than 60 laptops in the labary and more we ROCK

  4. jack Sloan says:

    My name is Jack Sloan and I am a teacher at Ferry Lane Primary school in London. My class (Year 5) have become interested in Tanzania and East Africa, and I would love to develop a blogging link with your school.

    Would it be alright for my children to write to yours, in the form of blog comments, or as emails?

    Please let me know as soon as you can, as I’m keen to get started.
    Jack Sloan
    Ferry Lane Primary School,

    • spicecity says:

      Hi Jack,
      This is Sam Wiriyaphong, a tech integration coach at IST. We have already created a link to your blog site on ours and I believe we have somewhat already started the blog link. We encourage our students to visit your blog whenever they can and blog comments from your students are most welcome, as you might already know.

      It is also possible to collaborate through Skype. If that is something you’re interested in, I can start by talking to the team. Keep in mind though that our Internet connection is slow and unreliable, so a level of flexibility is needed.

      Hope you had a good break and talk to you soon.


    • shahzaib says:

      Hello Mr.Sloan I look forward to see what your students write on the blog.

      Shahzaib Jaffer

    • Tulsi says:

      Mr. Jack Sloan I am a student at IST grade five Mrs.Surtees and just read your comment and would be thrilled if we could do something with your class in London

    • AMYN says:

      i’m Amyn from Tanzania,
      i study in elementary school of tanganyika know as IST.
      looking forward to a reply!

    • jai says:

      i am jai from tanzania
      i study in the elementary school of tanzania as you know I.S.T
      looking forward for a replay

    • Tiemo says:

      Hello Mr.Sloan,
      I would be delighted to have contact with your students.
      I would also like to know how your school looks and if it has a pool and a football field.
      yours sincerely Tiemo

      ps: pleas leave a reply

    • Aditya says:

      Hello Mr. Sloan. I am a student at the International School of Tanganyika in Grade 5. I would be delighted to collaborate with your students. It gives my class a chance to explain about the diverse Tanzania to your students. I would also like to know about your school.
      International School of Tanganyika,
      Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

    • girls rule says:

      i would enjoy helping you and would find it exiting to communicate with someone i don’t know. i’ll just tell you one thing for know and that is you can find a gem that you can’t find anywhere else in the world it is called tanzanite

    • sandra says:

      Hi Jack
      I’m glad your fifth grade class is very interested in Tanzania!!

      It’s alright if your class writes to us we’d love to hear from them and what they think about our unit of inquiry, if you don’t mind would you ask them to write comments to us we’re dying to hear from you and your class!!!

      Looking forward from hearing from you and your class!!
      Sandra Temu
      International School of Tanganyika

    • superdude800 says:

      I think it would be great if we could write to each other. I would really like to talk.

    • ali says:

      Sure, you can do it.

    • bob says:

      I think you should let your students write to us. I also think it alright to write to us. Also we can write to you guys.

    • Tyler says:

      Ya that would be cool!!!

    • bubblegum says:

      my name is Antonia.I am a student and find the idea of writing to your class very interesting!! I find it great to live in East Africa but sometimes wish I could live somewhere where it isn’t this hot!

      Yours Antonia

    • omer says:

      hi jack my name is omer.I am in grade 5l and we are happy to blog with you and people of your class. I bet everybody in my class as the say thank you for the message good day.

    • adil ROCKS says:

      hello I feel that you are right that we should keep in contact with your school happy new year !!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • 123 says:


      I am a student at IST !!!! I think it would be great to write to your class in London . IST is a great school and I have been studying at IST for 8 years.

      Bye…. Hear from your class soon !!!!

    • Olivia says:

      My name is Olivia. I used to live in England but not in Londen in Newcastle.
      Is their a special reason why your school is called Ferry Lane Primary School.
      Is your school International like ours or do all the children come from Londen or different parts of England? I heard on the news that the weather has been bad in England i hope that all the horrible weather has gone. Hope all is well.

      Best Regardes Olivia

    • awsomedude says:

      I think that it would be an excellent idea if we can talk. I would like to talk and
      chat with children in your class when i’m free. πŸ™‚

    • chocolate bubble says:

      Hi I am a student at IST. I think that it would be really cool to write to your class
      I love living in tanzania even though we just moved here in August but so far its great, apart from the heat.Even though its nice to have the sun and sea here all the time, sometimes I want to go back to england where its cold.


    • Riham says:


      My name is Riham. Thank you very much for the offer about the bloging link. I think that it would an honor for Ferry Lane Primary School to develop a blogging link with our school (IST).

  5. The Gentleman says:


    I look forward to hearing from your students when they type on the ist blog.
    Have a good time!

    The Gentleman

    ps reply please.

  6. Ms. AWESOME says:

    This sound exciting to help and work with people I don’t know. Here in Dar grade 5 is working on one specific unit every length of time, Africa we learned has many religious people such as christianity, muslim, and many more. Here in IST we are all friend. I’d love to visit your home page.
    Hope u had a good break!

  7. Ms. Awesome Jonas Head says:

    I would love to be in contact with people i don’t know. Being a new kid in Dar gives me a fresh memory of places i have been to and things i have done here. Here we normally focus on a single unit for a certain time. It gives us an idea of what happens in Dar. There are many different kinds of a religion here with a majority of muslims. Tanzania used to be Tanganyika until it joined with Zanzibar and became Tanzania. East africa is a great place to live in and learn about the world.
    Peace out,
    Ms Awesome Jonas Head

  8. ahmed says:

    Hi Mr.Sloan my name is Ahmed Jaber. I am a student at IST and I look forward to seeing and hearing about your students.
    Thanks Ahmed

  9. i_demandy_candy_and_PIE!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    hello,i love this website so much because it lets us give our perspective of the video,story or comment. THIS WEBSITE ROCKS AND IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWSOME. GO IST. GO IST. GO IST. GO IST.GO IST. GO IST. GO IST. GO IST. GO IST. GO IST. GO IST. GO IST. GO IST.

  10. j man the awesome says:

    Ya that would be sweet

  11. adil ROCKS says:

    SMILLEY FACES ALL AROUND πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ (^^^)

  12. adil ROCKS says:

    πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  13. Charlene says:

    My name is Charlene and I go Ferry Lane Primary School.I really like your blog but the teachers should change it a bit and put more colours into it, add more work on it, more posts, more games, more comments and change the headtitle.

  14. Charlene says:


  15. Mr Thackway says:

    Hi, my name is Mr Thackway and I’m a year 5 teacher in Manchester, England. This is a great blog, im sure my class would love to hear from you! If you would like to have a look at what we get up to our website is http://www.mrthackway.wordpress.com!

  16. nkown says:

    i loved grade 5 assembley and the slide show

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